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Energy Audit and Conservation in Electrical Systems

Energy Audit and Conservation in Electrical Systems online training course covers electrical system equipment’s operating in industrial and commercial facilities and how to conduct electrical energy audits with scientific approach. Investigates utility tariff structures and relates cost to load management.


Compressed Air System Cutdown your compressed air cost by 50%

Air is free, but compressed air is not. Compressed air used in industries for a variety of applications to operate pneumatic tools, meet process requirements, and instrumentation controls. This online course provides an effective compressed air management, efficient operation of compressor &key components, advanced developments, energy saving opportunities and case studies to reduce running costs of a compressed air system

Electric Motor and VFD Drives

Electric motors convert electrical energy into motion and are found everywhere in industries, buildings and homes also. However, motors do not convert all energy to usable energy because some of it is lost as heat during the conversion process. An energy audit is usually followed by an implementation plan for the most cost-effective energy-savings measures. From the perspective of motors, energy audit should support energy auditors with motors specific methodologies, tools and training.

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