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India’s Energy Transition the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The year 2021 is crucial in defining the pathways to the ambitious targets set for the sector. The year also marks the beginning of the fourth decade of electricity reforms since the sector was opened to private investment in 1991. How COVID-19 might impact India’s renewable energy transition ?
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Cooling System

Rising Cooling Demand in India

COVID-19 has caused great challenges to the energy industry. Potential new practices and social forms being facilitated by the pandemics are having impacts on energy demand and consumption. This week we going to discuss about How can India overcome existing challenges to meeting the rising cooling demand without further warming the planet?
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Energy Audit in Steam distribution and utilisation System for Cost Reduction and Performance Improvement

This online course is designed to provide an effective Steam management, efficient operation and maintenance of steam distribution and utilisation system, advanced developments, energy saving opportunities, safety and case studies to reduce running costs of steam use and apply it back into your work place
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