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About EnSave Consultancy and Training

EnSave Consultancy and Training Private Limited was founded in the year 2015 by Dr. P Dharmalingam with other experts in the field of Energy Management, Environment Management, Sustainability and Green Productivity Experts who have more than 35 years’ experience in India and abroad.
At EnSave, we render our services with a team of experienced BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt. of India), accredited Energy Auditors, certified Energy Auditors, Electrical & Mechanical engineers, and technicians. We have developed an expertise for improving energy efficiency in all sectors of manufacturing industries like thermal power plants, fertilizer, paper, steel, cement and chemical, foundry, textile, and commercial buildings.

We provide Consulting Service, through a Detailed Energy audit covering both electrical and thermal energy audit to reduce your electrical and fuel consumption and cost. We also provide Water audit, Carbon Foot Print, Cleaner Production, Green Productivity, and Power Quality Analysis, Performance measurement services to industries & commercial buildings and capacity building.  Energy Audit is always carried out by the team BEE Certified Energy Auditor. We pursue a continuous endeavour of providing quality service.

We conduct Technical Training for plant supervisors, managers and executives on energy efficiency, energy management and conservation. The training program can be customised to meet the specific requirements of the industry. We have developed modules on all energy management subjects for both Operators & Supervisors (O&M level) and Mangers & Executives (Management level)

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Dr P. Dharmalingam

Founder & Chairman,
Ensave Consultancy and Training Private Limited

B.Tech, PG Energy Management., MS, Ph.D.
Bureau of Energy Efficiency Accredited Energy Auditor
Former Director & Head, National Productivity Council
16 years BEE Exam Preparatory Training experience

Our Vision

To excel in providing cost effective & innovative solutions for enhancing energy efficiency and cost reduction.

Our Mission

To exceed the client’s expectations & demands by providing our best technical resources.

To create awareness of energy efficiency and energy conservation role in mitigating climate change

Our Objective

“Energy efficiency” is proven economic drivers that can help the industry to reduce their energy waste while reducing ‘Greenhouse Gas’ emissions. Energy cost reduction is the need of the hour, for each and every industry, to meet the increasing global competition. Energy cost on account of Electricity, Fuel oil, Coal, Gas, Water and Steam is an area where very effective & quick results can be achieved by energy auditing. Our energy audit experiences show that there is considerable untapped energy saving potential up to 25% of the total consumption of commercial energy use in industrial & commercial sector, even in the very well managed organisation. Realizations of energy saving will depend upon identification and the successful implementation of various energy-saving projects. Our services result in the saving of electricity and fossil fuel which in turn provides monitory saving and reduce pollution.

Our Strengths

  • Accredited Energy Auditor Professionals
  • Energy Audit Instruments to conduct energy audit
  • Our recommendation and solutions are practical, implementable and cost economics.
  • Team to develop an action plan for easy implementation.
  • Quick & Quality services
  • In house training to Operators &supervisors (O&M level) and Mangers & Executives (Management Level)
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