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Energy Audit in Steam distribution and utilisation System for Cost Reduction and Performance Improvement

Two Day Online Program

Program Overview

Steam is used by many industries as a useful medium to transfer and deliver heat to industrial and chemical processes. Steam boilers or generators usually form an integral part of a larger steam system. Steam is also used for heating applications in industrial processes to control temperatures and pressures, to remove contaminants and drive mechanical processes.
An in-depth audit for steam helps an organization to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency of steam processes.

This online course is designed to provide an effective Steam management, efficient operation and maintenance of steam network and utilisation system, advanced developments, energy saving opportunities, safety and case studies and apply it back into your work place. The main objective is to help industry to identify steam and cost saving potential and possible areas of performance improvement 

Course objectives

At the end of course, participants will learn, gain and able to

  • To develop  expertise to do Steam  audit and make Improvements in steam systems 
  • To Design efficient Steam Distribution and utilisation system. 
  • To understand current performance and benchmarks
  • To identify saving potential areas of performance improvement 
  • To update latest trends & technologies for performance improvement 
  • To learn techniques to reduce hidden expenditures of steam system 
  • To develop competency and professionalism in steam energy conservation.

Course Content

Day 1 – Steam Distribution, Performance Assessment & Improvement

  • Steam basics and  Water quality
  • Steam piping Design criteria and Pipe sizing, 
  • Steam Traps Selection and performance testing, 
  • Condensate Recovery, 
  • Steam basics ,Properties of Steam and  Water quality
  • Steam Distribution, Design criteria and steam Pipe sizing, 
  • Steam Traps Selection and performance testing, 
  • Condensate Recovery, 
  • Flash steam recovery and Thermo-compressors 
  • Hot Insulation of pipes and equipment’sHot Insulation of pipes and equipment’s, 

Day 2 –Steam Utilisation Performance Assessment & Improvement 

  • Controlling Steam for efficient process, Dryers
  • Importance of moisture separator & air venting
  • Steam using Heat Exchanger- Basics and Applications, 
  • Practical Energy Conservation measures with cost benefit analysis 
  • Waste Heat recovery ,heat Exchangers,  Multiple Effect Evaporators
  • Energy Saving Opportunities
  • Latest Trends & Technologies 
  • Actual case studies
  • Q & A discussion relevant to steam system 


International Experts, Accredited energy Auditor (BEE-GOI) and 30 years of experiences in Energy efficiency, training in India and abroad. The focus of the training is to provide knowledge & confidence you need to go back to your industry and initiate positive changes

Who should attend? 

  • Plant Utility engineer and managers
  • O & M Engineers/Managers /mechanical /Chemical Engineer/ Design OEM engineers, Energy auditor, energy mangers, Consultants 
  • Key persons working in  process and  steam system  


  • E-Certificate of participation will be awarded 
  • Comprehensive training materials 
  • All the information you needed to specific questions about your facility/ equipment from instructors. 

Resources required

  • This training is delivered in real time online through Zoom virtual platform.
  • You must have a reliable internet connection, a webcam ,headset, and a laptop or tablet.

Faculty Profile

Dr P Dharmalingam

Dr P. Dharmalingam is a leading Energy audit expert, with core expertise in Energy Management driving sustainability initiatives through energy, water, climate challenge mitigation for industries, commercial buildings and various DSM. He is a postgraduate and Ph.D. in Energy Management. He is certified lead auditor in ISO 50001, Green Building and CMVP. He has over 32+ years’ Industrial energy audit experience in PAT designated industries like power plant, steel, cement, paper, fertilisers, aluminium, textiles, railways, Petroleum refineries etc. He is mentoring various corporate   industries and institution to achieve productivity through energy efficiency, green initiative, renewable energy and developed training material on energy and environment.

He is Founder and Director in EnSave Academy and EnSave Consultancy and Training and promoting energy education. He was a former Director and Head, National Productivity Council (1987 -2017) and his credentials includes establishment of CETEE Centre for practical energy efficiency training and BEE Guidebooks preparation as co- author. He is a regular trainer for CEM/CEA exam preparatory program, handholding practical demo training and visited USA, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, Fiji, Ghana, Iran as training of trainers on Energy Efficiency, Green Building and Climatic Challenges. 

Mr T. Sankara Narayanan

Mr T. Sankara Narayanan is an Accredited Energy Auditor (BEE,GOI) with 34+years of Energy Audit and training of trainer experience in India & Abroad. He is a graduate in Electrical Engineering and postgraduate in Energy Management. He has conducted more than 350 Energy Audit projects at various sector of industries (TPS,

CPP, Co-Gen Plants, Automobile, Steel, Fertilizer, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Textiles,

Foundry, Mines, Ports, Hotels, Malls, Buildings, and MSME).  He is a principal faculty for TOT in many national and international Training Programmes. He was involved in preparation for BEE Energy Efficiency guidebooks as a co-author. He has executed international energy assignments in countries like Nepal, Srilanka, Mongolia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Iran. He has also developed Strategic Plan and DSM Programmes for MEDA and EMC for Implementing EC Act in Maharashtra and Kerala He was a former Regional Director, NPC, Mumbai. He has also worked in electrical projects and maintenance in Textile and Large Engineering Industry with captive foundry for 7 years.

Dr P Dhamalingam

Course Director, ENSAVE ACADEMY
Mobile +919444177914 
Email [email protected]

Cancellation/refund policy

Cancellations made one week prior to the training will be accepted and with full refund. Cancellations made less than one week before the training will not be accepted.  However, alternate candidate or registration for alternate program is accepted.

October 15, 2021 @ 2:00 pm October 16, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

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