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Thermal energy is generally obtained from the firing of fossil fuel. Thermal energy audit analyses the generation distribution and utilization of steam, thermic fluid, hot air system and highlights the gaps in energy performance. Audit report provides firm actions to eliminate or minimize energy use for a given application or improve energy efficiency.

Steam boiler, furnaces, thermic fluid heater and hot air generator are fired equipment. The performance criteria of this equipment are measurable through its efficiency. Possibility of fuel substitution for cost reduction is studied in detailed. Heat losses through improper insulation and energy loss due to pressure drops are analysed and suggests remedial action for improvement. Analysis of Utilization of thermal energy will be carried out for suggests WHR equipment like Heat Wheels, Heat Pipes, Heat Pumps, Thermo-compressor, economiser etc. The performance of Fuels and combustion system, boiler, furnaces, insulation, Heat exchangers and waste heat recovery system will be studied in details .In addition, energy substation and alternate energy application will be explored for sustainability.

Areas covered in Thermal Energy audit

  • Steam generation Boilers and Thermic fluid heater
  • Co-Generation Turbine and their auxiliaries
  • Heat and Mass Balances of Process Plants
  • Hot water system and hot air generator
  • Fuel fired Furnaces, Burners
  • Electric Ovens, heaters
  • Steam Distribution system and Steam Traps
  • Refractory and Thermal Insulation
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Heat Exchangers
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