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Water Audit and Water Balancing

The increasing gap between water availability and demand highlights the need for conservation of water. Water audit is an effective management tool for minimizing losses, optimizing various uses and thus enabling considerable conservation of water.

We conduct Water Audit to establish water balance by tracing water use from its point of entry into the facility through its discharge into the sewer. We identify each point of water use within and around the facility and estimate the quantity of water used at each of these points like and process water use, maintenance, mechanical systems, sanitation, landscaping, building processes etc. For each of those areas, the water use audit will provide a breakdown of the how, when and where of water use. Elements of water audit include a record of the amount of water produced (total water supply), water delivered to metered users, water delivered to unmetered users, water loss and suggested measures to address water loss (leakages and other unaccounted losses).

We identify and quantify unaccountable water losses and possible leaks and provide a road map of potential savings. Water audits should also take into consideration water quality. Largest potential savings that can be achieved is through the recycling of water or the use of rainwater. Water audits can help identify potential uses for alternative sources of water.

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